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Useful hints and tips for buying summer sandals.

1. Don’t leave it too late be prepared who knows when the sun will shine!
2. If possible book an appointment at a time that suits your child. You are welcome to bring snacks or toys with you. We know that little people can become restless even big people too!
3. Wear or bring socks as they are needed for measuring and trying on.
4. Get measured remember the gauge is just a starting point not a definitive size.
5. Have an idea about what you are looking for. Do you need closed toe sandals for nursery?  A washable sandal? Particular brand or colour? Children can get fed up trying lots off sandals on. We are here to provide advice and guidance but we really don’t know what is aloud at all schools and nurseries!! We know a lot but not that much!
6. Please take your new sandals home and wear them around the house with socks like slippers for a couple of days. If your worried please get in touch.
7. If your child seems happy and you are please wear them. It’s a good idea to initially wear socks with sandals then build up wearing them barefoot to prevent rubbing  especially on hot days.
8. Enjoy summer!

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