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  • How often should children get their feet measured?
    Children’s shoes should be professionally checked for correct fit every 3-6 weeks for infants (0-3 years) 6-8 weeks (3-4 years) and 10–12 weeks thereafter. That is not to say your child will need new shoes each time their feet are measured – a qualified shoe fitter will not sell a pair of shoes unless needed, and will be happy to measure and advise accordingly. Children’s feet grow erratically in fits and starts; during this period feet can grow by at least half a size, so it is wise to regularly visit your fitter for advice. Walk out of any shop that asks you the size of your child’s foot and then takes your word for it without checking.
  • When should my child get their first pair of shoes?
    Being barefoot is best for children while they are learning to walk this enables them to improve their balance and confidence. Often first shoes are purchased when your child is able to walk independently and is confident meaning that their shoes will be worn. However some children that attend nurseries or have older siblings often find they need shoes sooner. We stock a range of cruiser shoes to help protect their feet still enabling them to be confident in their first steps. If you are unsure when to get your child’s first pair of shoes please call or pop in and we can discuss your child’s
  • When is the best time to come for shoes as my child finds it traumatic?
    If you are worried about visiting us please don't. We are all parents and are used to children feeling, anxious, nervous or upset visiting new places or having their feet measured. If you are worried, please call or message the shop. We are happy to work with you and your child to make your experience as positive as possible.
  • Are you trained to fit shoes for children who wear orthotics or splints?
    Yes we are. We currently see children who attend our local foot clinics.
  • Are you trained to fit shoes?
    Yes, we are expertly trained by the Society of Shoe Fitters.
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